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Fibroids & Frequent Urination


Are you finding it difficult to make it through the day without having to frequently stop for those unplanned restroom trips? You may be dealing with something known as fibroids, which are a type of non-cancerous growth that affects many women in their late thirties to fifty year range. Many people think that frequent urination … Read more

How Do Fibroids Affect Sex & Intimacy?


What Are Some Common Concerns With Fibroids & Sex? Many women with fibroids are concerned about how their condition will affect their sex life. This is a valid concern, as fibroids can cause issues such as pain during intercourse, difficulty getting aroused, reduced libido, and difficulty having an orgasm. Other physical symptoms of fibroids include … Read more

Effective Alternatives to a Hysterectomy

Why should I avoid a hysterectomy? When it comes to health decisions, making the right one for you can be difficult. There are a lot of factors to consider and options to weigh. One decision that many women face is whether to have a hysterectomy. While this procedure can offer relief from various health problems, … Read more

Are Fibroids to Blame for Your Weight Gain?


Uterine fibroids affect women mostly during their thirties and forties, and yes, unfortunately fibroids can cause weight gain. One might call it a “double whammy” for women. Let’s look at what fibroids are, their symptoms, and how they can cause weight gain. Defining a Fibroid Women who haven’t experienced any symptoms of a fibroid may not know … Read more

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Fibroids & Frequent Urination

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How Do Fibroids Affect Sex & Intimacy

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