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Fibroid Symptoms

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Here are the Fibroid Symptoms that you should watch out for.

Heavy Periods

Heavy menstrual periods are one of the most common symptoms of uterine fibroids, with about 30% of women experiencing excessive bleeding during their periods. You may also pass clots, have longer cycles of bleeding, and become anemic due to heavy flow.

Pelvic Pain

Although not all women with fibroids have pain, it is very common for fibroids to cause moderate to severe cramping pain during or between periods. Some women are forced to lose one to two days of work each month because of pelvic pain.

Frequent Urination

Fibroids that press on the bladder can sometimes make you feel like you have an urgent need to urinate or to get up several times each night to use the bathroom. In severe cases, pressure from a fibroid can make you lose control of your bladder (urinary incontinence).

Painful Intercourse

Pain during sex is common with fibroids. Some women avoid certain positions or intercourse altogether. Fibroids may also trigger bleeding after sex.

Back Pain

When fibroids press against the back muscles and nerves that come from the spine, you may feel back pain or pain that radiates down your legs.


Fibroids that press on the colon or rectum can cause significant bloating or constipation.


Fibroids can make it difficult for you to get pregnant. Although most women with fibroids can have a normal pregnancy, women with large or numerous fibroids sometimes have a harder time getting pregnant or a higher chance of miscarriage.

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